A Complete and Untold Story of the Jinn

Please note: This is an article I wrote for a western style media website.  So it is written for those who are not Muslim.  There is graphic explanation of jinn and their habits which some Muslim may find offensive.  If you prefer not to read such graphic truthfulness, please do not read this article.

First understand that the Jinn are mentioned in the Quran, so this article is based on Islamic beliefs and so there are mentions of Allah, Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him and how to use the Quran in ridding yourself of this problem. The Jews or Mossad regularly use jinn to track known threats. The US "supposedly" works with the Mosad to keep track of people of threats and to harm or kill those needed to be eliminated. 

The Turkish used Jinn to protect their caves of gold in Jordan. They hid their gold in Jordan and to make sure that no one stole their valuables, jinn were placed in front of the caves and therefore years and years later, those jinn are still there. There have been many deaths from people who try in infiltrate these well guarded forts but very few have achieved this and those who do are working with jinn. Many people hunting for gold and treasures in Jordan work with these underworld figures, devils to find their ultimate love of gold. The government claims rights to all gold found here, but few ever report their findings or that deaths occurred from jinn.
In the US or the West you hear of Voodoo in Africa and in some parts of America and about black magic, but you rarely hear of jinn. The jinn was mentioned in the bible and the Quran by Prophet Solomon and he regularly battled them and won. The jinn have been around forever and there are good jinn and bad jinn. The good jinn come to remind you to be good, to read your bible or Quran and to tell you to be good to your families. In other words enforce your religion. 

The bad jinn are here under direct orders usually to kill, cause divorce, kill unborn children or to cause illness. When the jinn first come, they come as small children and the longer you allow them to remain with you, the bigger they grown and the harder they are to get rid of.
They are at war with the person they are sent to harm, because the big Dijal (head jinn) will kill them if they fail. So if you try to rid yourself of jinn, they will call in their friends to defeat you or leave temporarily until you think you are free. 

1/3 of the people in the graves are from the jinn, according to Prophet Mohammad, pbuh, so this is a serious problem. This is not an Islamic problem, but a worldwide problem. There are many jinn in Iraq also. There are many reported stories of jinn and the Iraqi dinar and bringing the Iraqi dinar and exchanging it for good money. 

If you are given something to drink with black magic in it your stomach or head will hurt. If you have regular stomach problems and even if the doctor cannot find any problems with you, you may consider that you have a jinn possession. women who have drank some potion from black magic will abort their babies before being born. You will see these women, all of a sudden have periods every two weeks. 

Some homes are possessed with jinn and there is constant arguing, battles, maybe the husband all of a sudden hates his wife for no reason or maybe the wife will refuse to have sex with her husband. 

Jinn marry and have sex with humans and many humans are powerless during these attacks. Men who work with the jinn in the search for gold have stated they have sex with the jinn to get their favors. 

Here is a You Tube Video on protection from the jinn. Although it is in Arabic, English listeners can still be protected by playing this once a day in their homes. 

There are many people who work with the jinn and who worship the devil. This is a reason to be thrown in the hellfire according to Islam. They will write incantations or black magic words and bury the words in the property of the person that is being attacked or make a potion to give to them. Unlike in voodoo where they stick pins in a doll. 

In order to get rid of jinn you must bring a professional, if you have a big case. Seeking a one time help is not enough. You must have regular sessions. You may have seen some of the scary movies where the woman is so possessed she can fight off 4 men, this is not that far fetched.
Jealousy will also bring in minor jinns. Sadly the world is possessed with these evil creatures. 

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