Can Any of You be Like Abu Damdam who Forgave Everyone

Allah Almighty says in the Quran:

"Those who repress their anger and pardon people. For Verily Allah loves those who do good" [Suarh al Imran (3): 134
Anas said that once the Prophet exclaimed, "Can't anyone of you be like Abu Damdam?" The Companions asked, "Who is Abu Damdam, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "When he gets up in the morning he says, 'O Allah, I offer my honor and life to You?' So that he would not abuse those who abused him, nor would he wrong those who wronged him, or hit those who hit him." [Fiqh us Sunnah, 4/115

Who was Abu Damdam

Abu Damdam was a poor, yet humbled man and he was not able to give sadakah, but instead he gave his honor. Whenever anyone harmed him, he said, "May Allah Forgive You and Me."  Whenever anyone talked about him, he said, "May Allah forgive you."  He was humbled this way and never sought revenge against anyone.

When he rose in the morning he said, "Oh Allah, I offer my honor and life to you." Before he slept the same thing and according to scholars on a scale of 1 to 10 this dua is the second best charity there is.  The first being, 

Ibn Al Qayyim may Allah be pleased with him said, Al Jood (Generosity) is ten levels, and from generosity, the first of it is al joodo bin-nafs (generosity of the soul), and from generosity is that of Abu Damdam, when he was generous with his honor.” This is the way he was generous – with his honor.
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The Prophet Muhammad was asked, “Who are the best of people, Oh Rasul Allah?” His response was “Every Makhmum al qalb, sadooq al lisan. He did not respond with any worldly qualities. None of the qualities had to do with monetary status or worldly status. So the companions replied, “Oh Rasulallah we know who the truthful of tongue is, but who is makhmumul qalb?” He replied, It is the heart which fears Allah, the pure heart, the heart which contains no sin or hatred or rebellion or envy.” 

This story Humbles Me

As I read the story of this humble servant to Allah, I feel I have much to learn.  I hope and pray that I can learn from this wonderful sahaba who taught his friends and neighbors the point of forgiveness.  I ask Allah to bless Abu Damdam and to send my salam to him.

Abu Damdam was not concerned about the offender apologizing to him, but rather that he keep himself from reacting and thus causing a sin.  He had total control over himself and a trait we must all mimic.  I pray that this short article will bless all of you and change a few who might need to change including myself.  

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