Protection from Jinn Verses and How to Pray on Water, Oil and Honey

The following verses are used for protection from jinn and to rid yourself of jinn.  Do not try to rid yourself of jinn until you pray two nafl rakats of salat and then blow on your hands at the end and rub all over your body.  You should ask Allah to protect you from the evil of the jinn.  Then take your hands and in your mind imagine your entire home.

So take your right hand and circle above your head and in your mind imaging as you go around, the bedrooms, the guest room, the kitchen, etc, not the bathroom.  You should make a full circle where you are standing.  You do not need to move physically around the house and then you are not prepared to pray for protection.

The following verses are read on oil, water or honey.  You can use the water in a spray bottle and spray in the corners of your home, saying, "Bismillah" each time.  You can drink the water, bathe in the water, use it for wudu.

When praying on water try not to use a bowl bigger than two gallons.  The container must be full to the top.  You bring your mouth close to the water and recite.  Say a few verses and then turn the water and pray on the water in a different position. So in other words you will be praying around the bowl. Remember you are at war with the jinn so do not recite softly, recite firmly and demand your rights.

If you are praying on honey or oil, turning the jar is not necessary.  Make sure your oil or honey is full to the top.  If you are going to use black seed in your honey, place the black seed prior to praying. Do not add anything to the honey after you pray.

Here are the verses that we use:

Chapter              Verses

2                        1-5 102, 255, 285-286              
3                        18-18 117-
7                        54-56 117-122
10                      79-82
20                      65-70 109
23                      115-118
37                      1-10
46                      29-32
55                      33-36
59                      21-24
72                      1-9

Last 3 chapters of the Quran

After you have finished reading, lightly spit into the oil or water or honey leaving a small taste of your saliva in the holy water or fluid.  Then take your shahadah finger and dip in the liquid and taste in  your mouth and rub on your forehead.  The oil or liquid is now ready for use.

If you have jinn, it is better that a religious person read on this for you. The most religious person is better.  If you have jinn place the oil over your entire body except your private parts and bow into your cupped hands and recite the 3 protection chapters at the end of the Quran, Ayat al-kursi and then wipe your hands all over your body.

It is best to sleep with the Quran on.  Keep the Quran on low as to not disturb your neighbors.  If you have a bad case of jinn, only a sheik can help you.  Allah knows best.

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