A Lesson in Faith - Learn to Really Believe

I have a consulting business to help people get well.  Although gizhah or black seed is not difficult to take, few know how to really use it in case of dire need, such as a serious illness.  I have a contact page and people can contact me for help. My fees are not cheap, but if you went to a doctor to get well I can guarantee you that you would pay 10 times what I charge.

Through my business I run into people who want to treat theirself with their own methods.  Needless to say they never work and when death is at the door they call me for help.  I got one such call today.  The woman asked me to pray for the soul of her mother.  I told her that she must pray as she is closer than I.  The family made a decision to go conventional and not follow a natural protocol and when it finally dawns on them that this was the wrong decision, a call for help comes.

Decisions are based on two things.  First destiny will cause you to feel happy about natural methods or conventional.  I believe firmly in my heart that the devil is playing havoc on this nation as a whole and convincing people that you will die if you rely on a simple miraculous seed.  I believe that many decisions are made out of fear.  If a person truly believed in the healing of our Lord, we would see more and more running to be healed by his medicine.

Although it is not against Islam to go to doctors and be treated, I believe this should only be used as a last resort.  If you have faith and believe in Allah's healing power, can you not be healed?  Wake up my friends and realize that you may have one choice in this life.  I am not trying to sell you a book, I am trying to save your life.

This woman so wanted me to save her mother's soul.  This is a huge haram in Islam.  Do not associate partners to Allah.  I cannot save a woman's soul.  I can only tell you what has worked for me.  As we see more and more come down with cancer and debilitating diseases, it is time to come close to Allah and beg for his mercy.  I told this woman to cry and beg for her mother's life. I believe true humblenes before Allah is a way to seek his mercy.

Give your best deed you did on this life and ask Allah for his mercy.  This is what the sunnah of Prophet Mohammad has taught us.  I am very passionate about my work.  I have been criticized for my program of helping others and charging, but Allah wants us to work.  I don't ask anyone, but Allah and he has given me the knowledge to know what heals. 

If death is at your door, then believe with all your heart that Allah has made the decision to call your loved one home.  Believe with all your heart that you must accept this decision and send charity for your loved one before they die.  Don't look at what someone else has done today, look at what you have done.  Passion is from my heart and I respectfully ask you to have faith, have love and understand that you do deserve to live.