Blessed Be Those Who Worship Alone

It is Friday and my one thought today is about the society of evil people we live in.  My search to find very religious people in Jordan is exhausted and I have only met a very few who follow the guidelines of Islam I believe in.  People pray, but they put all their earnings in their pocket and give only zakat once a year which they rarely have.

People read Quran, but they neglect to remember the river of Kawthar near Prophet Mohammad, PBUH.  Who are those who will drink from this river? Those who submit? What does submit mean? Those who follow the sayings and actions of our most beloved Prophet.  He was and practiced Islam.  He only did what Allah had taught him and he went away from bad people and actions.

Simple things he taught us, people are forgetting.  How many people build new construction, when Prophet Mohammad frowned on such things.  He taught us to eat and not to eat milk with meat and yet millions of people eat Mansef and this is a celebration meal.  He taught us not to eat sour fruit with sweet fruit and yet people will continuously bring you a plate of oranges and bananas after the meal.  He taught us to eat fruit before the meal and to eat melon alone.  Have we submitted when we do not follow his actions?

I frown on people who do not give charity, as charity is the basis of many poor people's existence.  I see many posts about Nigeria, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.  I remember reading about Pakistan and after the huge earthquake years ago, many had no shoes, no blankets and no heaters in the coldest winter ever.  Thousands died wanting only the simplest of necessities and here we sit with warm homes and our stomachs full of food.

My heart is always tender for Afghanistan as my husband fought there as a jihadist and when I hear about people feezing in the winters, my heart aches.  I see the mountains there and I wonder how could anyone survive.

Abu Bakr (RA) stated that, "Solitude is better than the society of evil persons." We are also told that we will regret the days that blessings were not sent on Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, when we are in a gathering and to shun groups where Allah is not remembered.  When Allah and Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, are mentioned, angels run to tell Allah what was spoken.  Although Allah already knows, I am sure he smiles.

When the people speak bad about their neighbors, complain about the dunyah and curse their families this is also told to Allah and the Angels write and record these things.  Black spots accumulate on your heart and your life becomes hard.  Whatever comes to us comes from our own doings.  Now sometimes we are tested to see our faith and not always from our own doings.

If your child dies, does that mean you did something wrong? Indeed it does not and you should not confuse this point.  Everyone has a time on this earth and not one moment can be taken away.  Allah knows the decisions you will make and he knows when you will die.  A parent who is patient when their child dies and says Al-hamdulilah has a palace in Jannah.  I hate to see women beating their chests, kicking cars and screaming when a tradjedy strikes.

I never cried when my husband died.  I was sad, but also happy Allah called him home.  My husband said to me many times, "Whatever Allah is happy with, I am happy with."  I remember that as the 10th anniversary of his death nears.  He died on January 24th, 2002.  He had dreams of an impending death and I saw an Angel.  The Angel pointed to my husband and I woke my husband up and I told him that an angel was pointing at him.  He told me, "If it is the angel of death, I don't mind."  Five days later he died.

Allah has been most generous to me in these years since his death.  I have learned very much about Islam and grew in my faith.  I have learned to be self-sufficient and to take care of myself.  A man asked me once, why I post recipes on this Islamic website.  I told him I post what I write. There is nothing wrong in Islam for a woman to support herself and this is what I know.  It is better for me to work than to take charity, which I did for many years.

I am blessed and even though Abu Bakr instructed us that solitude is best, we are also taught to be tolerant of those not on the straight path.  I am not close to those who do not practice Islam on the straight path, but we must make salam and to be kind.  Just maybe our actions will make someone change their ways.

Many Muslims do not think of death.  They think of cars, women and money.  I cringe at some pages when I see such horrible things said.  Sheik Yasin had a dream 7 days before his death.  He saw Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, and in the dream Prophet Mohammad, PBUH stated that in that week 7000 Muslims died, but they were not really Muslims.  People need to pray more, read Quran more, be good to their parents and give more charity.  I find that in today's society this is true.

Are you really practicing Islam and are you submitting to the commands of your Prophet?  Do you really love Allah and his Messenger more than your own life? Would you forsake your parents, your wife and your dunyah for Islam?  I think we as Muslims should gather together to remind each other that death comes quickly.

The angel of death visits everyone three times a day.  I wonder what you are doing when he comes?  Are you smoking, chatting or simply sleeping your life away?  I wonder what the angel says and writes during those times?  I love the Angels and I make my house welcoming for Angels. There are no pictures, no statues or any kind in my home.  Even on oatmeal cans I tape over eyes.  Magazines are turned over not to show people and have love for them.  They are as much part of Islam as anything.

So on this Friday as I am about to thank everyone who follows me, I just wanted to share some thoughts on my belief, on my life and my love for you guys.  All I ask is that I can help one single person. That one single person changes their life and that one single person sends dua for someone because of what they have learned here.  Now if I affect two, it is smorgasborg!!

Allah kareen!