Ramadan coming to a close

It is sad for me to contemplate the end of Ramadan.  I want to first thank Allah, swt for his mercy in showing me another Layalat al Qadr and for his blessing this year.  I then want to thank all my loyal followers on this new Twitter page.

As you may have seen I try to avoid all negativity and block what I have seen as adversity and anger.  I instead like to see promotion of Islam, love of my most honorable Prophet (PBUH) and the followers of the straight path.  I wish I could explain my intense love of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).  My heart overflows and I cannot explain this. 

I, of course will be changing the articles presented on this page and we will take off the Ramadan articles soon until next year.  I hope that this coming year we will grow as followers of Islam and as each of your pages grow, you too can spread the word of Islam.  I have over 110,000 followers on other pages, as I am a Twitter Manager so I can tell you about the power of the word.

You will have seen a multitude of articles on this page due to my many other works in progress.  I am a natural doctor and believe all disease is treated with natural remedies and that we must all avoid pharmaceutical poisons.

I so appreciate those who purchased my ebooks this month, as this helps pay for the time I spend here, but mainly I want to thank those who changed one ounce in the way they acted in this life.  For each time you have made a change, I also have reaped the rewards.  It is my intent to help everyone have an accepted Ramadan and a blessed holiday.

Sister Sara

Photo courtesy of Photobucket/Dhadah_Kundah