Dunya: How We Love This Life

Dunya! Dunya! Dunya!

In our walking, in our talking, in our sleeping, in our hoping,
What is the matter with us?

Death is all around us, the reminder of the destroyer of pleasure.
Death is a lesson to us and yet we take no heed. It no longer means anything to us, except that another person is no longer around. (How sad!)
The love for this Dunya courses through our veins, our lives have integrated with the Dunya and our hopes are for the glitter and gain of this Dunya. Look at yourself! are YOU ready to die?

Every time a person dies, be it an accident or a heart attack, it is a
warning, a reminder, a taunt (it could have been you!)

In the last few days of Ramadan, we heard of a brother who died. He was
making wudhoo and either during it or upon completing it, he slipped. As
he slipped, he hit his head on the floor and his living in this Dunya
was over. He was a! young brother, 24, or 25 yrs. old and he had only days before became the father of his second child. Was HE ready to die?

SubhanaAllah imagine. Imagine if you slipped as this brother did whilst
completing a normal everyday act in the safety of your own home. Would
YOU be ready to die?

Allah forbid, but imagine, what if you were amongst those of weak Iman. Sinning, slipping and neglecting. One of those intending to do good tomorrow or one who used to say, "I'll repent next time" or "I haven't got time, I'm too busy."

What if you were one whose soul became terrified at the time of death
and would not leave your body?
If it had to be ripped, out, shredding in the process. If it were wrapped in a stinking coarse cloth and then taken up to the heavens.

Imagine if the Gates of Paradise were locked tight against you.
Imagine if then your soul was flung back down to your grave where the
angels Munkar and Nakeer would come to ask the t! hree questions. What if
you were of such weak Iman that you could barely answer them?

Imagine your sins coming to you in your grave in the form of an ugly, foul-smelling person, who would strike you between the eyes with a hammer, a strike such that would cause your whole head to shatter and you to emit such a scream.

And, to think, everything you left behind in the Dunya, everything you
strived for, craved and accumulated in the Dunya would remain, as it was---As useless now as it was then, only then you didn't realize.

On the Day when there will be no one but you, On the Day when you will forget your mother and your mother will forget you, When your spouse will think only of himself or herself, When your friends will no longer be your friends.

On that Day when you will be so alone, as you could never imagine. When
you have to face Allah and the accounting will be established, and when
only good deeds will avail you.

What good the! n will worldly possessions be? How then will your beloved Dunya save you? What use will it be then to think, " I wasn't ready," " I didn't make use of my time", " I should have done more."

I should have guarded my fard.
I should have read the Qur'an.
I should have strived to gain knowledge.
I should have made more time.
I should have done nawafil actions.
I should have controlled my tongue.
I should have lowered my gaze.
I should have asked them to forgive me.
I should have strived to be a person of the Akhirah rather than a person
of the Dunya.
What use will it be then?

Ya Allah forgive us for all our sins,
Ya Allah strengthen us in our Iman, in our Taqwa, in our striving for
the good of the Akhirah.
Ya Allah make us strong against the fitnah of this Dunya and the evils
of our own Nafs.
Ya Allah let death be a reminder for us.
Ya Allah save us from the death of sinners and kafirs.
Ya Allah d! o not let us die in any state other than the state of Islam.
Ya Allah do not let us be amongst those who will be lost on the Day of
Judgement, those whose faces will be black, who will receive their
record of deeds in their left hand, those whom You will turn away from.
Ya Allah make us amongst those who weep over our sins out of fear of
You, in this Dunya.
Ya Allah help us to dissociate ourselves from this Dunya and to be of
those who will be successful in the Akhirah,
Allah gives and Forgives, Man gets and FORGETS!

Anonymous:  Allah bless the writer of this very wonderful article