OK, So Now I am Muslim. Now What?

I have a friend who is helping me to look for jobs as the economy is very bad for freelance writers now and this thought came to me.  What better subject to write about than how to be a Muslim.  Many become Muslims, but never know really how to be a Muslim.

This will be my story and how I coped with everything from making hijrah to being tortured in America by a system of misinformed individuals.  I had a man walk off the register and refuse to serve me because I was a Muslim.  I had 3 men try to kill me in a mall in California.  I have been through so much, you cannot believe.

As a Muslim you may take these things for granted, but for a new Muslim, they are faced with a huge change.  Here are a few things to consider:

  1. How does a new Muslim handle not having Christmas?
  2. Dealing with cosmetic changes and wardrobe.
  3. Handling family problems and isolation.
  4. Ridding the home of statues and pictures.
  5. Learning how to pray properly and doing Wudu.
  6. Learning some basic Quran verses.
  7. Following the customs of the land.
  8. Being alone during holidays.
  9. Following the sunnah of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH
  10. Shopping for halal foods.
  11. Learning the hadith of how to act in public.
  12. How to choose your friends?
  13. Who is Allah and his Messenger?
  14. Doing Hajj and Umrah

And the list goes on and on.  Many Muslims will need to read my book also because you may have forgotten, never learned or have swayed.  The best charity is the one of everlasting and this book is exactly that.  I am excited with telling my life story and teaching others how I did hijrah and learned to love my Lord more than my own soul.