Layalat al Qadr Comes to Jordan on Even Night

Allah has tested his faithful believers and has brought to Jordan layalat al qadr on an even night (24th).  I felt the prescence of Angels in the Mosque, but saw nothing extremely noticeable.  I have an extremely painful foot and am having to use a walking cane to walk with.  Two days ago went to the hospital and received an injection against my will and last night was in horrible pain.  Two women brought me maya zam zam to recover with.

I came home and still nothing noticeable and went to sleep for a few hours.  I woke up at 12:30am.  I felt a calmness in my home.  A feeling that only comes when Angels are present.  My cat Baby all of a sudden starts screaming and screaming at the top of her lungs.  She was in attack mode.  I knew then it was layalat al qadr.

I hurried up and ate my suhoor and began to pray.  I went to my bedroom and prayed an additional 4 rakats as I had gone to the mosque and done taraweh there.  During the first two rakats, I cried and cried and cried.  Another sign that it was layalat al qadr.  I then read my very long due for layalat al qadr.

I then went and sent some sadakah to a needy person, did lots of zikr and sent blessings on the Prophet (PBUH).  I did my sunnah and regular prayers and read my quran.  By the end of the prayers, I no longer felt the presence of angels in my home.  I was disappointed as the peacefulness was gone.  Did I have a successful Ramandan?

I prepared to go sit on the corner of the street and watch the sun rise.  This is the only way to know for sure if I was correct.  Al humdililah I have seen layalat al qadr many times and knew what to look for.  There are no rays coming from the sun until it is half way up in the horizon.  The sun is like a disk and has a protecting cover that fibrates and circles the sun. You can look directly at this sun and it may appear to be similar to the moon.   It is a true miracle of Allah and one you will never want to miss.

I sat there until the sun was almost half way up.  While the sun was rising, I continue to make dua for everything that I wanted and needed.  On the way home I chanted Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar, la illah illah lah. My home is not where I can see the sun on the horizon so I had to go to higher ground to see this beautiful gift from Allah.

I am writing this account not to brag about seeing layalat al qadr but to help those who have never seen this creation.  Allah has tricked the nation as many will sleep early thinking that layalat al qadr will not come on an even night.  I feel blessed and indeed I feel loved.  I am not sure if layalat al qadr comes on the same night everywhere, so I encourage you to seek out Allah's bounty and mercy.