How to live and die as a Muslim

A Day in the Life of a Muslim

  • Have you recited, during the day, anything from the Book of Allah?
  • Have you preserved the dhiker (remembrance) and the Awraad (Sections of the Qur’an) after     every prayer?
  • Have you guarded the fixed Sunan prayers before and after each obligatory prayer?
  • Have you been fearful and humble during your prayers and aware and attentive of what you said within them?
  • Have you remembered Death and the Grave?
  • Have you brought to mind the Last Day with its terror and distress?
  • Have you asked Allah three times that He should enter you into Paradise? For whoever asks Allah that He should enter him into Paradise, Paradise will say, “Oh Allah, enter him into Paradise.”
  • Have you sought refuge with Allah from the punishment of the Fire? For whoever does that, Hellfire will say: ‘Oh Allah! Protect him from the Fire.’
  • Have you read anything from the Ahadeeth of the Messenger (saw)?
  • Have you considered about keeping yourself away from the people of sin and evil?
  • Have you attempted to keep away from too much laughter and joking? As too much of it hinders one from the Remembrance of Allah.
  • Have you wept out of the Fear of Allah the Exalted, the Mighty?
  • Have you recited the Adhkar of the morning and the evening?
  • Have you sought forgiveness from Allah for your sins?
  • Have you asked Allah for martyrdom with sincerity? For the Messenger of Allah (saw) has said, “Whoever asks Allah for martyrdom with sincerity and truthfulness, Allah will make him reach the level of the martyrs even if he dies on his bed.”
  • Have you supplicated to Allah that He should establish your heart firmly upon His Deen?
  • Have you tried to find the hours when supplication is most likely to be answered and called upon Allah in them?
  • Have you bought new Islamic books from which you may understand and implement the Deen?
  • Have you sought forgiveness for the believing men and believing women? For in every Mu’min and every Mu’mina there is good for you.
  • Have you praised Allah for the blessing / favor of Islam?
  • Have you praised Allah for the blessings of hearing, seeing, feeling, understanding and all the rest of His favors which are innumerable?
  • Have you spent, during the day, upon the poor and the needy?
  • Have you avoided becoming angry for your own sake and attempted that you do not become angry except for the sake of Allah the Blessed, the Almighty?
  • Have you tried to avoid glory and greatness for yourself?
  • Have you visited your Brothers in Faith?
  • Have you supplicated to Allah for your family and your brothers and your neighbors and those whom you keep contact with?
  • Have you been supportive to your parents?
  • Did you say, when afflicted with a calamity, “To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return”?
  • Have you called upon Allah with this supplication: “Oh Allah! I seek refuge in You from associating partners with you while I am aware of it and I seek forgiveness from You for what I don’t know”? For whoever says that Allah will take away from Major and Minor Shirk.[i]
  • Have you done good to your neighbors?
  • Have you cleansed your heart from pride and showing off and hatred and envy?
  • Have you feared Allah in (how you obtain your) earnings and your food and drink and your clothes?
  • Have you repented to your Lord with sincere repentance at all times from all crimes and sins ?

Brother and sister Muslim! Answer: all these questions with sincere speech and action so that you may be of those who are successful and of those who will be Winners Insha’Allah!

And with Allah is Success and peace and blessings upon our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and upon his Companions and whoever follows them in righteousness till the Last Day.

[i][5] Reported by Ahmad and it is Saheeh

Oh Allah Bless the Writer of this Article and Bestow Mercy on Him.