How Does Belief and Religion Intertwine?

I am a Muslim and I have belief in the hereafter. I have faith that God will be merciful to me also. How does the word faith and belief come together in religion in the same line, in the same thought and in the same manner. Belief is faith in the unknown. You cannot see an atom but you know from textbooks they exist. You cannot see God but through faith, you belief that he is.

My sister wrote to me yesterday and we almost came to blows. She told me she could not be Muslims because she heard that Allah or God could not provide salvation as he was a different God than her Christian God. I paused before I answered and I told her, "The word Allah is merely an Arabic word for God." My belief in Islam is that he is the only God and the same God you worship also. So if your God offers you salvation, then so does mine.

It is funny how much people put into their faith in a preacher or a movie star, but not in the thing we cannot see. Sometimes we cannot see the wind, but it is there and it exist and sometimes it manifest itself to everyone and we are so frightened we cry. We beg with everything inside of us for God to free us and save us from the terrible storms approaching. As soon as the storm goes we forget about our promises to God and we go back to our normal ways.

In Islam we live for judgment day. We would always be careful to offend someones heart and we would never want to backbite anyone. Our belief in our Lord is so powerful that when we cry tears of fear of the hellfire, we wipe those tears all over our bodies. This is protection from the hellfire. Our belief in our lord's mercy will save us.

Now I believe in hell and I believe in heaven and I also believe in Angels. Angels are pure and they are everywhere. They roam the earth praying for those who have gone astray and they warn those who are doing bad. God sends angels to perform many things, such as bringing the dead home and to punish those who are bad. I have faith that if God or Allah is angry he would forgive.

Now for those of you who do not have faith or believe in God then I must wonder how you could do that. The blue moon the other day should make all atheist bow down and worship God and they should tremble when the ground shakes and the trees are uprooted and still I must say that everyone has a choice what they believe and where they go.

I am humbled by Allah's mercy and

the many times he saved me. I use to have MS and he cured me. Then the doctor diagnosed me with early onset dementia and again Allah saved me. I am a sinner like you and everyone and not sure why he saved me, but he did. I went to Medina to do worship in Mecca. When I walked in the doors of Medina mosque, I was horribly sick. As I drug myself to pray and to worship my lord, I was sad.

I began to look around the mosque and I saw this huge Angel on the ceiling and he was motioning for me to come. I followed him as I knew he was leading me to my death. He led me to the zam zam water and told me to drink. I drank two glasses of that very holy water and I rose to leave. I started to cry from being in the presence of this marvelous angel and he said to me, "We love you, because you love Allah." I looked shyly at them and said nothing. They told me "Go now Barbara and do not look back. Come back soon, we are waiting for you."

I guess skeptics would laugh at my story of seeing Angels and having them calling me to the sacred water of Mecca to drink. I guess some would laugh because I knew I was going to die, but then I have faith and they do not. The Angels love me, is that not enough reason to have faith in the one I cannot see. Amazing how Allah allowed me to see Angels to help and guide me. I can't see God but I can feel him in my heart, my soul and even next to my breath.

Belief, what is belief? Belief is what Allah has given me, it is the core of my existence and the ultimate glory of my life. I jump for joy at the mention of his name and I become like no one else in his presence. What is belief you say? It is different for each and every one of you, but for me belief is my faith in Allah and the miraculous way he comforts me on this night. For surely my words are from him and he comforts me when I am sad and he loves me when I am bad. Belief is faith and it is in correlation with my lord and my religion.