Do You Think Pets Go to Heaven??

Of course pets go to heaven. They are like little people and God created them just like he did with us, love and more love. I have lost many cats recently and I believe like many, that they are in heaven with God and my husband. I believe that when they die, the Angel of Death comes and takes their little paws and guides them to heaven. I believe that they are not in any pain now.

I lost my little friend Precious 5 weeks ago. She just went out the window, never to return. We lost many cats in those first few days and I am sure some bad person took many lives that fateful day. I called and called her, but she never returned and I prayed and I prayed to God to show me my sweet Precious. I saw a white winged horse and an Angel riding the hose was holding my sweet friend. I saw her limp body and I saw sadness on the face of the Angel.

I cried as I am doing right now, and that night, I dreamed of Precious. In that dream, Precious was fat and happy and did not want to come back to me. I saw her and I held her, but she ran away again. I believe that God was showing me that she is with him now and I am not to worry at all. Sure, I still pray that she comes home, but deep inside I know she will not be back. Pain and horror can be a bad thing, but to believe that the kitties do not go to heaven, impossible for sure.

In Islam, we believe that animals go to heaven and that on judgment day, they have rights. They will go before God and tell him who helped them and who hurt them. I believe with all my heart she has rights too. I believe that me relying on God to take such revenge is better than seeking out the one who harmed her, so I am waiting. I believe that God is merciful and if he took my closest friend away, then it must be for a better place.

I imagine green pastures with lots of flowers. I imagine lots of food and milk for sure and I imagine Precious jumping and running in huge pastures of clover. Just imagine how many Angels she is with today. Those days go by fast as I miss her more and more. My life is empty without my Precious. She was my best friend.

As I talk to my other cat Baby, I explain about heaven and the beauty of heaven. I explain to her that Precious did not have a choice that day, it was her destiny. As bad as I felt, I know that it was Precious time to die. I have her buried in my yard and yes I talk to her often but I feel emptiness all around. I know that day, the angels took my Precious with them and I know one day we will be together again.