Can Anyone Really See Angels?

Is it possible to see angels?

Of course it is possible to see angels. But this is only possible by some people not all. Why has God bestowed the right on some to see angels and not others? It is not up to me to question my Lord and Creator, but for me I have had so many signtings that I am humbled by the mercy of God.Angels are made from light and are beautiful. They leave you with such a feeling of heaven that you want to go right away. To understand a little bit of the feeling angels leave you with watch this video:

Voices of Angels. It is best to use Internet Explorer when watching the video. Firefox will only let you hear and not see the visual effects.

The subject of Angels is very special and very private and many who have seen Angels never speak about it, as it is a gift from God. Many people who have had visions of the virgin Mary don't speak either. It is a gift from God and should be cherished. People harbor jealousy and jealousy takes away good deeds, so we should be careful when talking too much. Anyone who has ever seen an Angel should be humble and should not be proud. For surely Allah's wrath is nothing to be dealt with. There are Angels of the mountains, Angels of the Sea and Angels that record our deeds.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and indeed I have seen beauty and indeed I have seen the light. My first encounter with Angels was at a very small age of 9 years old. I had just returned from bible camp and had just accepted Jesus as my savior, when my house caught on fire. My sister had accidentally dropped a candle in the attic and the whole attic was on fire. I had to go get a hose and stop the fire, but I was afraid. I was always so afraid of the attic, as I felt there was a ghost up there. I had terrible fears of the attic, but my house was on fire, so I had to go. When I went to the attic, I sprayed everywhere and the fire went away. I felt relieved and as I was getting ready to leave, a voice spoke to me. He said, "Barbara, I am not a ghost. I am your guardian Angel and I am here to protect you. No one can ever hurt you again. I won't let them." That was all he said and I ran down the stairs. I locked the door when I got to the bottom and never told my parents what happened. I use to have regular dreams of my Angel, but he never talked again.

Many years passed and my guardian Angel was always around and he was right, I was always saved from every situation. Like I was being loved from above. I never saw the Angel, only

in my dreams. He was so wonderful and so good. The next time I would have an encounter with an Angel would be years later and he saved my life. Just as he said, no one can hurt me.

I was driving down Studebaker Road in Norwalk, California, late for an appointment, when a voice came to me. "Barbara, if you put your seat belt on you won't wrinkle your dress." I said, "You are right." So, I put my seat belt on and 4 blocks later my brakes on my car went out and I hit 4 parked cars. I did not have any pain at all from the crash. I never felt a simple ping at all, but my car had fumes everywhere and I knew the car would explode soon. I dragged myself out of the car and laid helpless on the ground. All the neighbors came running and a few tried to help. One man in particular came to help me and asked if he could call anyone. I had left my purse in the car and this man risked his life to help me. He went in my car several times to get my things. He brought me a glass of water and I passed out.

The police and the ambulance came and each one said the same exact thing, "You should have been dead." I told them, "An Angel saved me." I am not sure why God saved me and why God loved me so much and I asked him why. I cried when I thought of how badly damaged I was. I was lying in the ambulance and the men were so terrible, trying to put an IV in my arm and I asked the man, "Why did God save me?" He told me, "Don't ask why, just say thank you." As tears came down my face, I said, "Thank you.". To this day, I do not know why God saved me and I don't know why he loved me so much , but indeed he did love me too much on that day.

I have seen Angels many times and it would take up many books with all my experiences. The first time I saw an Angel was when my father-in-law died and I saw the Angel of Death with him. He came in with the wind and he brought the relatives of my father-in-law with him who had died. It was so beautiful and peaceful. You could tell the difference in him, when the Angel was with him.

Two months before my husband died, an Angel came to me again and pointed at my husband and I would not listen. I told my husband, "Look, I am the one who can see angels and they are pointing at you." We laughed. Then 5 days before he died the Angel came again and pointed at my husband. I woke my husband and told him what happened. He said, "If it is the Angel of Death, I don't mind."

The Angel told me, "Prepare to be totally alone." I was so frightened that I ran to my husband

and told him, "I am so sorry." We had been fighting. I figured my husband would be traveling to another country and I figured I would have some peace. Funny how we never appreciate the things in life that are so special to us. I ask Allah all the time to please not to let me be alone, but to this day I am alone, totally alone. Maybe, that is why I see Angels.

I remember once when I had to go to the hospital and I had thought maybe my Angels were all gone from me. I looked down at the corner of the operating table and there was an Angel dressed as a man. He guarded over me and was with me until I went unconscious from the anesthesia. It was very comforting knowing I had my Angel with me. It helped me a lot knowing I could still see Angels. Amazing how we take these things for granted.

My husband went to a sheik once and the sheik told him, "Do you know how special your wife is?" He told my husband that I do not need him and that I get all my substance from Allah. He was right in one way, I do get my substance from Allah. But, he was wrong on the other side, I do need my husband. He is gone now 7 years and I will never forget the times we had together or the things we said. I will never forget when the Angel visited us and his final warning to me.

So many Angels and so little space to write about them. So many wonderful stories of beautiful beings, that God created. From the time I was 9 years old till now, I am surrounded by Angels, but then so are you. Everyone has Angels with them, but they cannot see them, as I can. God sends each one of us a guardian Angel and each one of us Angels to record our deeds. How merciful God was to this little child who was frightened. How merciful he was when I was in the car wreck and how merciful he was when he took my husband's hand and guided him to heaven. When I think about my whole life and all I have been through, I can only thank God for his mercy and his kindness. I can only be humbled by the presence of my special Angels.